Festival places

INFOCENTRUM / Mozartova 1

The Infocentre is located at the Theatre Faculty. We often call it “the heart of the festival” because it’s a meeting point for so many things. You can pick up tickets, find merchandise, or relax and take a peek at the festival magazine “Meeting point” there. Accreditation for participants takes place there as well. We acept only cash at the festival Infocenrum.

Open 1. - 6. 4. 2019

Monday  – Friday  10.00 – 18.00

Saturday 10.00 – 16.00


CHILLOUT ROOM / Mozartova 1

Do you want to take a rest from the hush of the festival? Shatter? Relax, or take a nap? You can have it all without leaving the festival. Directly at the Theatre Faculty,  next to the Infocentre you can find an oasis of peace where you can chill out yourself. Lie down, cover yourself with a blanket, close your eyes, engage in calming melodies, and chill.


FESTIVAL CAFÉ by Punkt. / Mozartova 1

This year we prepared a surprise for you. This time, we are also having a Festival Café at our Theatre Faculty!

Wide selection of coffee, breakfast, beer, traditional nut liquor and much more will be served by the Punkt. Cafe team.

You will find it in the heart of the festival, next to the entrance of the Theater Faculty.


Orlí Street Theatre / Orlí 19

Studio Marta / Bayerova 5

Theatre Goose On The String / Zelný trh 9

HaTheatre / Poštovská 8d, Alfa pasáž