Festival restaurants

Kabinet Múz / 115 CZK per lunch

This restaurant can be found near our theater faculty at the address  Sukova 49/4. It is one of the most famous restaurants in theater-people.

Did you know that HaDivadlo worked here from 1991 to 2004?

Bavard Café / 10% discount

If you are looking for a nice place to have one of the best breakfasts in your life, your search is over. Go to Bavard cafe and bar, at Poštovská 4  and try it for yourself! You won’t regret that.

Kofi Kofi / 10% discount

Grant yourself with good quality coffee while wandering around the city and make your day better. You can find Kofi-Kofi trucks around all the city.

Faency Fries / festival dip

Is young street-food concept originally from Ostrava. Their job is literally to make great fries and homemade dips from fresh and local resources. So if you fancy fries, go for it!

Jedna Báseň  / 20% discount

Are you looking for good Coffee? Go to Jedna Báseň! Are you looking for a place to taste good wine in a classy environment? Go to Jedna Báseň! Are you starving during the day and want to have lunch? Guess what? Go to Jedna Báseň! This place is great for all of the above and more! Go to  Sukova 553/2 and discover all the things this place has to offer!

Forky’s / 10% discount

Can be found at Jakubské nám. 109/1. Its concept of modern bistro-restaurant where all the food is prepared only from fresh vegetables. They use no ingredients of animal origin. You can find vegan specialties from all around the world as well as Forky’s products.